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“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” ~Robert Frost

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By Marc D. Langva, CFP®, Founder & CEO at WorkOptional

How Do You Manage
Money And Marriage?

When couples get engaged, they are excited to plan for their special day.  But newly engaged couples need to think past the wedding day and figure out how they will begin to manage their financial lives together.  As most of us know, money in the number one issue that couples argue about.

Engaged couples, now more than ever, are discussing their finances prior to marriage, however, more is needed then just a simple conversation.  Finances are an emotionally charged topic, and avoiding the topic can create communication issues in the future. 

One option, that many people find successful, is bringing in a third party, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), which can help ease couples into an otherwise hard conversation.  Communication can reduce the surprises, as nobody likes surprises.  When couples can openly discuss details about budgeting, debt, financial goals, savings and retirement, financial stresses begin to become less stressful.

For couples that find themselves continuing to struggle financially or having on going money matters, don’t blame yourself, or each other, for your financial situation.  American’s are not programmed to know how to manage their finances. 

So besides bringing in a CFP®, what else can you do?

  1. Start the conversation and regularly discuss what’s going on in your financial lives.  Talk about fears, goals and dreams along with budgeting, debt, savings and retirement plans.  Knowing you are on the same page and openly communicating about these topics will help relieve financial stresses and improve trust with one another. 
  2. Set up and use a budget…and stick to it!  Keep the conversation flowing all year long, as you continually update your financial plan as situations arise (new car, new house or repairs, baby, etc.)
  3. Start saving!  Put some money away each month into savings and retirement plans, and leverage your retirement plans at work.  Saving the cost of a cup of coffee each day can result into a nice nest egg 30 years down the road.  

Changing your financial behavior is not easy.  Being on the same page about spending habits, saving plans and future financial goals can help form a unified family and begin to build a successful financial future for years to come. 

April 11th, 2019

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