Private Wealth Management.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” ~Robert Frost

Our Story

I started in Nowhere.

Nowhere was near Underwood, Minnesota, a town of 310 and home to one of America’s last two-room schools, which I attended.  I was in fourth grade when my grandparents lost their farm and in sixth grade when my best friend’s parents lost their home and left Underwood forever.  Two years later we had to leave Underwood also.

Those events shook me and drove me to spend the next 15 years working toward complete Financial Freedom/ WorkOptional. I worked 19 jobs, earned 243 college credits and started 3 companies. I hired financial advisors and followed the advice of my professors and other respected peers. Yet, still found myself in the same financial situation my loved ones had been in years earlier.

I realized, I had to take a different road. I spent the next decade collaborating with professionals and affluent families from all walks of life; researching, testing, and unlocking the secrets to their success. During my research, I discovered 10 key factors that allowed families to efficiently build their wealth. Ultimately, I was astonished; the public and the entire financial industry focused all of their time and energy on only one of these key factors and were oblivious to the other 9. It’s no wonder why I was essentially spinning my wheels, while a select few were Relaxing Years Ahead.

Jaime and I immediately began incorporating these discoveries. Very quickly we were able to see our clients dramatically increase the amount of WorkOptional days in their lives.

WorkOptional was founded on the belief that you can live the life you imagine.  You can start in Nowhere and end up in your dream house on the Lake – or wherever you dream of.  And you can experience what every person should: Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Time to enjoy all three.


Start here.  Picture your dream life, and we will share with you the road less traveled. And one day soon, you will also find yourself miles from Nowhere and just inches from your dreams.

We know you can.

Marc and Jaime Langva

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